Meet Our Team!

Meet our highly-qualified and experienced coaches and instructors who are ready to welcome you into the fascinating world of Karate.


AKA Sensei Bob McMahon

Sensei Bob McMahon


7th Dan Karate

Former State, National and International Kumite champion

Over 45 years involved in karate – training, teaching, and coaching

Author of karate booklets and founder of several karate internet forums

Former Queensland Coach

AKA Sensei Cheyne McMahon

Sensei Cheyne McMahon

Chief Instructor

5th Dan Karate

Former State, National and International Kumite champion

Over 30 years training in karate

Former State and National team member for Kumite

Creator of Dirty Karate

AKA Sydney Sensei Ben Perkin

Sensei Ben Perkin

3rd Dan Karate

Over 30 years training in martial arts

Primarily karate but including kobudo and kenjutsu

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Here’s What Our Students & Parents Had To Say About How Australian Karate Academy Helped Them

Yves Lee B. Barsaga

Yves Lee B. Barsaga

My kids love coming here for their lessons. Highly competent and very supportive Karate instructors. Thanks Sensei Ben and the rest of the team. ?

Yves Lee B. Barsaga

Silvia Di Bari

Silvia Di Bari

I enrolled my child for the 2 weeks trial and we are very happy with the teaching. Great environment where they teach karate as well as the discipline and respect that goes with it. Absolutely love it

Silvia Di Bari

Nicole Filipaina

Nicole Filipaina

I enrolled my son into Karate about a month ago and he is loving it. His transition was easy due to the fact that the teachers are patient and kind to their students. Sensei Ben and his wife and children are a very accommodating family who care for their students and the community I have no hesitation in recommending this establishment to anyone. In fact come in for a trial and pay only $49 for the month refer a friend and they will give you that $49 back to you, what a great incentive and you can even use the sports voucher here they accept it. So what are you waiting for there’s no excuses, see you soon. ??

Nicole Filipaina

Suzie Wain

Suzie Wain

A fabulous fun place to learn karate!
5 stars!

Suzie Wain

Kirsten Wilson

Kirsten Wilson

So happy we found you guys. My daughter told me it was ‘awesome and my teacher was really fun’.

It was engaging and fun but the focus was on form, precision and the ‘why’ of what they do.

Thank you guys, stoked!

Kirsten Wilson

Mike Palmer

Mike Palmer

Ben is a seriously good karate practicioner and caring and supportive leader. I am so happy to have witnessed his Nidan grading and look forward to training in his Dojo!

Mike Palmer

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